Meet Cast83

We're a fun, easy, and outgoing pair you won't mind having around all day.

Relax, you're in good hands.

We have 12+ years combined experience photographing & filming weddings. Our work has the warmth it does because every smile and laugh we capture is authentic. We’re easy to work with, always looking for a good laugh, and want nothing more than to make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun.

  • Our story...
  • Baltimore natives since 2006
  • Met at a dog park
  • Friends ever since
From Our Couples

Sam and Yianni were absolutely fantastic. We felt very comfortable with them the first time we met, and nothing changed when we saw them again on our wedding day. They were funny, easy going, and took charge to get things moving. It felt like they were everywhere without us even noticing them. I highly recommend Cast83!